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The Dental Solutions You Need for a Good Night’s Rest

After a long hard day at work or at school, plus all the daily hassle of normal chores and tasks when you come home, your bed is the one place you can truly relax and rest from the constant and chaotic whirl of life. However, due to dental issues, we sometimes cannot enjoy the full rest we need, whether on account of grinding our teeth, biting our cheeks, or breathing irregularly.

In addition, pain from any form of tooth trauma, from a fracture to a lesion or injury, can impede our sleep.

Fortunately, modern technology allows our qualified team at Houma Family Dental to fix these problems with cutting-edge oral devices. When you just cannot get the rest you need, get in touch with our dentists in Houma for rapid aid.

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Night Guards

Many people associate night guards with protective pieces of equipment designed to protect mouths from sporting or recreational events and activities that could potentially cause an injury. Because they fit so snugly around your teeth, night guards can ensure your teeth and jaw are preserved from any physical injury or trauma.

Night guards do not only protect people from blunt force and severe injury in sports, however, but are key for helping preserve your rest at night too. It is very easy for some people to accidentally bite their lips, cheeks, or gums during their night, or even grind their teeth. This can lead to cracked teeth and jaw fractures over time.

Wearing a night guard can help with many injuries that might bother you during your sleep, including:

  • Lesions in your cheek
  • Injuries to gum and soft tissue
  • Lesions to your lips
  • Fractures in your teeth
  • Fractures in your jawbone
  • Lesions to your tongue
  • Grinding teeth

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep apnea is a serious medical disorder which can be fatal in some cases. It causes victims to suddenly stop breathing while they are sleeping. It can even occur several hundreds of times in just one night as the airway becomes obstructed the lungs cannot get enough oxygen.

In order to alleviate sleep apnea suffering, cutting edge technology has been developed to carefully separate your jaws while you are sleeping, gently pushing them forward to slightly open up your trachea and let fresh oxygen freely flow in. Another great benefit about these sleep apnea devices, designed to make you perfectly comfortable, is that they can also stop loud snoring. The effect of this is that you, as well as your family, can all have a better rest at night and a more productive day.

    Customized Oral Devices

    At Houma Family Dental, we are passionate about giving all our patients personalized treatment. If you need dental devices that fit your mouth perfectly, we can make molds that are customized to exactly match the impression of your teeth. Whatever your need, you can be assured that getting devices for sleep dentistry in Houma will help you find the rest you need.

    Positive Effects of Sleep Dentistry Services in Houma

    Sleep dentistry services, including night guards and other oral devices, play a crucial role in enhancing a person's quality of life by addressing various sleep-related issues. Here are key positive impacts:

    • Reduced Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Night guards alleviate the effects of bruxism, preventing dental damage and associated headaches.

    • Improved Sleep Quality: Oral devices for conditions like sleep apnea promote better airflow, enhancing overall sleep quality.

    • Prevention of TMJ Disorders: Night guards can prevent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, reducing jaw pain and discomfort.

    • Relief from Snoring: Oral devices designed for snoring help open airways, reducing or eliminating snoring for better sleep for the individual and their bed partner.

    • Alleviation of Jaw Pain: Oral appliances can alleviate jaw pain associated with conditions like temporomandibular joint disorders.

    • Prevention of Sleep-Related Headaches: Night guards minimize teeth clenching, decreasing the likelihood of waking up with tension headaches.

    • Customized Solutions: Oral devices are often tailored to an individual's specific needs, providing personalized solutions for optimal effectiveness.

    • Stress Reduction: Managing sleep-related issues with oral devices contributes to reduced stress and an improved overall sense of well-being.

    Contact us now at (985) 645-2820 so you can get a good night’s sleep. Our Houma sleep dentistry services can help.


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