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When it comes to dental health, you need to consider a lot more than just your regular teeth cleaning. A crucial element of taking care of your smile is ensuring that your teeth are straight and correctly aligned. This is covered under the branch of dentistry known as orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment is important not only for giving you a straight, beautiful smile, but also for making sure that your jawline and bite do not have irregularities. Over time, misaligned teeth and jawbones can cause pain by straining the tendons and muscles of your face, leading to headaches and tension.

Whether through the use of traditional braces or personalized oral devices made specifically to fit your mouth, our dentists at Houma Family Dental are passionate about giving you the healthy smile you’ve always wanted with our orthodontic treatments in Houma.

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Orthodontic Solutions for Adults

In the past, orthodontics were usually associated with teenagers, and getting braces was considered an annoying but necessary right of adolescence. However, many adults are turning to orthodontics to fix "bad bites," also known as malocclusions, especially now that dental technology has so greatly improved. In fact, about 33% of our current patients seeking orthodontic treatment are actually adults.

How Long do Adult Braces Last?

While treatment can take a little longer since fully grown jaws are more set, adults can experience just as amazing results as any adolescent when they use orthodontic braces.

Discover the Advantages of Professional Orthodontic Care

There are many benefits in receiving quality orthodontic care as either a child or adult. Our orthodontist in Houma, LA is more than happy to help you achieve you dental goals.

Key Benefits of Straight Teeth Through Orthodontics:

  • Decrease in tooth decay
  • A smaller likelihood of developing periodontal disease in the future
  • A reduced chance of having tooth injury as you get older
  • Decrease in cases of digestive problems
  • A smile that inspires confidence in yourself and in others
  • The ability to pronounce and express yourself more clearly without jaw issues

Guidance on Foods to Avoid With Braces

Certain foods can potentially cause damage to traditional braces, so it is best to avoid them if possible. Sticky foods such as gum, caramel, or taffy can easily get stuck between braces, making them difficult to clean. Tougher foods such as nuts, chips, bagels, and hard candy should also be avoided. If you have any further questions, regarding foods you can or cannot eat, contact the professionals at Houma Family Dental about our orthodontic treatment.

Customized Orthodontic Treatment Plans in Houma

No matter what your preference is for orthodontics, Houma Family Dental wants to treat you to the smile you deserve, and we will use the method that best caters to your personal needs and desires. You can trust in our orthodontic services in Houma for complete, comprehensive care.

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